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The Problem

Did You Know?

Each year, 2% to 10% (average of 5%) of the estimated 455 million cys produced nationwide is returned to the concrete plant or dumped in the landfill.

Nationwide, this equates to:

455M cys

= $4.56B & 4.5M tons of CO2

Your typical concrete project:

10,000 cys

= $100,000 & 100 tons of CO2 wasted

And this does not account for the STRESS and TIME SUCK on the job site team and ready mix plant dispatchers.

The Solution

The Mudright Solution

We take the guesswork out of establishing how much concrete your pour will take by helping you monitor the pour and...

  • Organizing your pour‘s concrete pour data

  • Tapping into real time concrete volume data from Ready Mix Suppliers (future)

  • Utilizing onsite concrete volume measuring technology (future)

This saves on both wasted concrete and labor production.


Potential Savings
Using Mudright

For every 10,000 cys ordered, the potential SAVINGS is:



and 68 fewer tons of CO2

Ready Mix Suppliers:

Don‘t believe the numbers?

About Us

Our Story


At MudRight we believe in always finding a better way…. in our case, a better way to order and deliver concrete that will reduce stress, waste, and concrete’s carbon footprint while increasing worker productivity and saving money.


We do this by employing experienced, tech savvy concrete construction professionals that understand the concrete order, delivery and placement supply chain and who know how to utilize mobile applications, ready mix concrete truck tracking systems, and volumetric scanning technology.


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Jim Dick
Jim Dick
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